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Turning IT Challenges into Opportunities: A Healthcare Perspective

As we enter into Q4, executives of healthcare organizations are looking at the challenges they have faced with their current Health Information Technology (HIT). Their goal in the upcoming year is to find ways to alleviate those challenges by improving the overall IT division and the integration of the different systems within.

In the United States, many of the challenges within the healthcare sector arise due to healthcare reform, which has forced hospitals and health systems to take on the Triple Aim of Healthcare.

With the focal point being accountable care, reducing cost and disease management among the population, many healthcare organizations are joining forces through Mergers and Acquisitions (M&A) to leverage their resources and cut cost allowing them to address these matters at scale. M&A activities allow organizations to gain market share, expand geographically, increase presence in the community, while reducing cost by consolidating their support and functional area such as Human Resources. With the new healthcare reform concentrating on paying providers based on patient outcome, smaller organizations are looking to join other organizations that will complement their current offering, giving them a better chance of competing with more established healthcare organizations.

As Healthcare Reform relates to patient-centered care, an incentive program was created for eligible professionals and eligible hospitals to adopt, implement and upgrade Electronic Health Records (EHR) technology. The purpose of this incentive program was to provide financial support to providers in the transition to EHR technology that promotes meaningful use. Because of this program, millions of dollars have been spent on EHR and the focus has been on providing patients with digital copies of health information, meaningful use of EHR, and now the focus is on the continued expansion and improvement of Health IT at the point of care.

Another area of opportunity within healthcare is with the increased demands for data. There is a huge need for data analytics to drive decision-making and guide future planning; however, there seem to be missing information that is hindering the decision-making process. Big Data and enterprise data warehouse (EDW) can be utilized to overcome these challenges.

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ERP Custom Solutions have over 20 years of IT experience in ERP Systems, Conversions, Data Reporting, and Quality Assurance.


ERP Custom Solutions can provide our clients with:

1. Consultants that are proficient in converting and testing data, while also

knowledgeable in selecting, implementing, configuring, and customizing different

Human Resource Management Systems.

2. Professionals with new innovative ideas that can expand and improve Health IT and

organizations EHR

3. Reporting/Data Analyst that can turn data into useful information for making

business decisions.

Our mission is to become the trusted partner that will guide our clients to unique approaches to complex IT challenges. We want to build meaningful relationships that are centered on trust, and high standards. It is imperative that we provide our clients with consultants who are proficient and knowledgeable, have integrity, a high level of professionalism, interpersonal and communication skills. As Certified Human Resource Professional, ERP Custom Solutions can provide this level of quality to our clients because we've worked in the industry and we know what to look for in IT professionals.

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