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ERP Custom Solutions have the knowledge to provide best practice solutions to a variety of ERP businesses and technology issues.  ERP Custom Solutions provides over a decade of experience and expertise to a wide range of industries as noted below.

Health Care

With the constant change in Health Care regulations, there is a definite need for solid ERP Subject Matter Experts that can simplify processes and increase transparency between the different modules.  ERP Custom Solutions has found a niche in this area and has vaulted to the forefront of the Health Care Industry, becoming a leader in data migration and business process optimization.  ERP Custom Solutions is able to identify, solidify and deliver solutions that bridge the gaps and improve the efficiency of the system and create a cohesive flow that better serves the organization. 

Oil & Energy

Due to the decline in oil prices, the oil and gas industry is faced with some of the toughest challenges in decades.  While the industry is planning for a recovery, the reality is this cycle is lasting longer that expected.  Many companies whose core business is processing and transporting oil are now looking to merge with natural gas companies since the two commodities are close substitutes.  This business strategy allows the organization to  move between the two energy sources if one has a significant rise in price.  ERP Custom Solutions has the expertise needed to ensure data is merged, allowing the two systems to operate under one Human Resource Management System.  



In the Banking Industry, it is important to focus on finding ways to improve speed, functionality and profitability for both the external and internal customers.  Through various business operations, ERP Custom Solutions helps organizations to achieve cost-effective production with increased quality, efficiency, and productivity. Working with both business partners and end users, ERP Custom Solutions provides support and training for updates and advanced functionalities within the system. ERP Custom Solutions has the ability to integrate several solutions to meet multiple deadlines while achieving the highest form of system functionality.  ERP Custom Solutions has the writing skills to document the changes to the business processes and the communication skills to train end-users to ensure they have a great understanding of the new functionality.  

Medical Products and Devices

Our medical product and device clients rely on ERP Custom Solutions to support the day to day business operations.  ERP Custom Solutions provide superior solutions for industrial products manufacturers and distributors with large integrated systems.  ERP Custom Solutions is able to analyze and streamline critical business processes which promotes system efficiency.  Whether  your company is distributing or manufacturing bandages, elastic support, or vascular compression products, ERP Custom Solutions specializes in maintaining the stability of your system while optimizing each business process.

Mass Media

In the 21st century, we all understand that data can not stand on its own.  Without knowledgeable people and intuitive systems, data has no origin and no orientation; it’s just bits of information without meaning.  The information technology industry is both innovative and fast-pace and as a result, it is crucial that companies are able to forecast and make decisions based on limited information.  ERP Custom Solutions provides clients with reports that help them better understand their data and enable them to make quick sound decisions.  


Because of the competitive nature of the business, ERP systems are heavily utilized in the Retail Industry to integrate the vast amount of data across different departments within an organization.  Since every organizations data is structured differently, it is hard to find an Out-Of-The-Box software that will meet the needs of an organization.  Having a team in place that can customize the system is imperative to ensure the software is tailored to meet the requirements of the client.  With over 18 years of experience, ERP Custom Solutions is able to customize and transform the Out-Of-The-Box software into a system that is flexible, efficient, and reliable in providing critical information. 


There is nothing more important then seeing our clients succeed.  As our services span across a multitude of industries, here are a few of our customers we are proud to have served. 



"Felisha was hired as a contract analyst to support our global PeopleSoft system. She learned very quickly on the job and began adding value almost immediately. She interacted with many internal stakeholders and received numerous compliments on her professionalism and follow-through. Because of her many years of PeopleSoft experience, she was able to be highly autonomous, yet showed good judgment in seeking guidance when needed. I would not hesitate to employ Felisha again."

Steve Dawson / Thompson Reuters / Sr. Director Global HR  Solutions

"Felisha Mims joined us as we began integration efforts with our new owner. Felisha helped us in many ways, including primary production support for our HR system (PeopleSoft) and documenting customizations. She has good business analyst skills and was very thorough in testing and troubleshooting. I found her to be dependable, reliable, conscientious, honest and courteous. She is flexible and willing to work on any project that is assigned to her."

Becky Southerland / Access Midstream / Manager - HRIS

"I had the privilege of working with Felisha Mims while I was at J.C. Penney IT in the PeopleSoft Payroll and HR Development Areas. Felisha was a very dedicated analyst that would perform what ever was needed to complete the mission at hand successfully. Felisha's work without question was always top notch and she could always be counted upon in times need or during project implementations. Felisha is a valuable member to any team she is a part of and I would recommend her for anyone's technical team only if I do not have an opening on my staff for her."

Doug Freeman /  JCPenney / DBA - PeopleSoft Environment Team 

"Felisha has excellent skills and vast knowledge as a PeopleSoft HCM constultant. She is a very willing team participant who displays an eagerness to share her experience and accept any task assigned to her.   She is pleasant to work with, very professional and a proven asset to any project that allows her to demonstrate her abilities and knowledge."

Stephanie Sage / Covidien/ HR Project Specialist

"Felisha has an incredible work ethic and is an extremely knowledgeable in PeopleSoft. She is always willing to lend a hand and is often going above and beyond. She is a great asset to any team or project."

Karima Hassan / Thompson Reuters / Lead Analyst - Global HR Solutions (Workday)

"Felisha is very professional and works diligently to complete assignments accurately and efficiently. Felisha is eager to research and resolve any issue that arises. Her knowledge of PeopleSoft has been a great asset to this team. Felisha is able to review any application and document all of the business requirements to run the application successfully. Felisha has great follow through skills and can easily interact with people in several areas of the company. I have really enjoyed getting to know and work with Felisha."

Cate Behring / Access Midstream / Business Analyst

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